About Me

Hello and welcome, I hope that you enjoy the Handbags that I have made so far.  Making them and seeing the look on the faces of the ones who look and purchase them gives me such a joy.A little about me. I started sewing while sitting beside my mother at the age of eight. She was a seamstress and taught me a lot of tricks of the trade.  I began to watching her on a daily basis as she was always at her machine. I began my love for making something from scratch with my bare hands and it began to grow.  I went to a high school that taught dressmaking so I could to learn more. In my earlier years of motherhood I would make clothes for my daughters and there doll babies.Throughout the years I didn’t do much sewing but  I am now back in full swing with starting a business that is taking off quite nicely and was able to start again by having a request from my daughter, to make doll clothes to fit American Girl dolls for her daughter.  I had never heard of the doll before this.  (chuckle-chuckle) I did my research and designed and made nine outfits, so I got to thinking   ”I can do this” and share them with the public, my beautiful creations. I have been making them since 2011. I stopped making them in 2014 because I got so busy making my Handbags.I wanted to incorporate a special name to my bags,  coming up with the name “the Handbag Boutique”.   I hope as you carry my handbags that you will feel the joy that I have while making them. My bags are special and individuality made with love and care for each and everyone of you.First of all I want to give God all the credit for my inspiration on making my handbags. For without him I am nothing.My incredible husband Bill of almost 19  years, my daughters and my friends are my biggest supporters in my new adventure. So please enjoy my website and feel free to tell your friends all about it.I am so excited about the new bags that I am working on. Check back often to see the new items and ideals will be coming soon. I have now started making the Conceal Carry bags since 2014 and love making them.

Thank you and God bless Phil 4:13 says “I can do all things in Christ”

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